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About us

Perly-Anett Fossan  (1972), our top instructor ( NIHF A- level), her husband Torstein Fossan (1963)  and their son Torstein (1995) all live on the farm.

Heidi Smith is a vital part of our team, she is responsible for the daily organisation including the shoeing many of the horses.

Ingeborg Ivesdal is a B-level instructor who also trains many of our horses. She is also a Nurse.

Lisa Tvedt, Kaisa Kleven Lillebakken, Bente Ravnås, Stine Fossan, Malin Horvei Jårvik, Sandra Steffersen, Helene Lerstøl, May Kristin Madland all have extensive experience with Icelandic horses both in riding camp and trekking. Trine Veland and Anne Bente Espedal run the cafe for us at during our busy periods.

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Torstein grew up on the farm and has been involved with horses since 1976. After school he studied for a year at Kvås college then at the Ryfylke Winter Agricultural College. He also spent time at the Oslo Veterinarian College studying artificial insemination. This was followed by military service near Sandnes, a local town.

Since 1982 Torstein has been practising artificial insemination of sheep, pigs and cows. Throughout this time he has remained active on the farm and since 1984 has had a farrier practice.

Torstein has trained all his own horses from the outset, has reached level B instructor and is a qualified local riding guide.



Perly grew up in the hamlet of Helle, at the mouth of the nearby Espedal river. After high school, Perly worked as an assistant teacher at the Forsand  School. Following two years at Ryfylke Winter Agricultural College, in 1990, she started to work with horses.

Perly has been active setting up competitions and courses and is the leading instructor for all our riding courses and camp.  


Their son Torstein was born in 1995 and is currently in his last year of school in Forsand. He plans to become a carpenter. He is active on the climbing wall and is qualified to supervise climbers there. His main interests are computers and motorbikes.