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We have about 70 horses at present. Of these we use between 18 to 20 for our riding courses and for hacking. We have 10 first class mares and nearly 30 youngsters. At anytime we typically have about 10 horses for sale.
In summer we are mostly busy with riding camps, hacking, trekking and breeding.
Autumn sees us involved with riding school and general maintenance around the farm. We use the winter months for starting and training our horses (training usually begins between four to five years of age).
We have horses suitable for use as riding, hacking/trekking and for competition , from level C to the highest.
Both stallions and brood mares are available.
We set ourselves the highest of standards and want our horses to satisfy their prospective owner’s needs.

All our horses are Icelandic and most are home bred and trained.
We are committed to offering riding courses, hacking and trekking that will be both pleasant and satisfying to our clients. To this end we have and are producing well trained horses with good temperaments.
All our lessons, courses, hacks and treks can be tailored to individual needs and ability.
We have both indoor and outdoor schools and a selection of outdoor riding tracks on the farm itself.
Close to us you will also find riding trails and an oval, competition size track.
Other facilities include a large viewing gallery to the indoor school, an indoor lunging hall, a meeting room with fully equipped kitchen and accommodation for up to 20 people.
In addition we have a well stocked tack shop selling tack to suit all breeds, and all the usual requirements of horse and rider. Any item not in stock will usually be delivered within a few days
Please contact us or fill in the form if you would like more information.