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            Garden sett fra SteinbergFossanmoen Farm
The farm comprises about 100 hectares. Of this, 17 hectares are used as hay meadows, 2-3 hectares as productive pine forest and most of the remainder is birch forest on the steep slopes of Uburen.
An additional 2 hectares lies about 3 kilometres away at the mouth of the Lysefjord. This is the site of the original farm at Fossan. This part of the property has been farmed for hundreds of years.
The main part of the modern farm at Fossanmoen has been worked since the last World War, mainly in the 60’s and 70’s. Today hay production is our most important function.
Until  the end of 1999 we were a dairy farm, at times there were also chickens, sheep and pigs. Nowadays we are exclusively an Icelandic horse centre,  concentrating on breeding, training as well as operating as a riding centre.
The farm has a boathouse and mooring place at the mouth of Lysefjord. The Fossanåna river runs through the property and is known for its trout.
The farm buildings cover some 2,000 square metres and are joined together. The angled layout acts as a buffer against the east winds. These winds can be extremely strong during the autumn months.
The buildings include: farmhouse,  stables, riding hall, lunging hall, machine room, workshop, inside climbing wall, cafe, garages, accommodation with shower rooms, kitchen, lecture room and living room.
We also have a fully illuminated riding track.. The views from the farm are over Høgsfjord and of the picturesque hills surrounding us.


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